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Hirshorn Boothby works with insurance companies to provide insurance products and services to personal and commercial clients. This website is based at 14 East Highland Avenue, Philadelphia, PA. The information contained in this website is not an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy any security, insurance product or service. Hirshorn Boothby created this website for the convenience of its internet visitors. No security or other product or service offered by Hirshorn Boothby is offered or will be sold in any jurisdiction where such offer or solicitations, purchase or sale would be unlawful under the securities laws or other laws of such jurisdiction. No such security or product is offered or will be sold in any jurisdiction by an entity or person, which is not properly licensed to do so in such jurisdiction. Some products may not be available in all states.

Coverages may not be ordered, bound or altered via this site or via e-mail. The information (including text, graphics, videos, and functionally) is presented without express or implied warranties and is provided as is. Due to the nature of the Internet, Hirshorn Boothby cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information contained in this website or its suitability for any purpose. The availability available on the website is posted for informational purposes only.

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We protect Your Privacy.
We keep your information confidential. Our employees are allowed to access your information when their jobs require it, such as to advise you about coverages, policies, open your account or answer a question for you.

Information we collect.
We collect information about you. It may include your name and address, your income and assets and your health if you are applying for insurance or insurance benefits. We gather most of this information from the applications and forms you complete, and from your business with us, and from your medical providers and medical vendors. We may also get it from consumer reporting agencies.

We use the information we collect to:
•Open accounts
•Provide customer service
•Advise you about coverages.

Information We Share.
We do not share your information with non-affiliated companies for marketing purposes.We do have a right to share your information to conduct our business. This could include personal, financial or health information. Though your health information may be disclosed for these reasons, it will not be disclosed for any other purpose without your signed authorization.

Disclosure of Compensation we will Receive in Connection with Your Policy:
Hirshorn Boothby is an “insurance producer” licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as well as most other states. Insurance producers are authorized by their licenses to confer with insurance purchasers about the benefits, terms and conditions of insurance contracts; to offer advice concerning the substantive benefits of particular insurance contracts; to sell insurance; and to obtain insurance for purchasers. The role of the producer in any particular transaction typically involves one or more of these activities.

Hirshorn Boothby typically receives “standard commission” from insurance carriers, which is paid when the policy is written and is a specific percentage of premiums. Different carriers pay different percentages. Commissions also vary by type of coverage. In general, these “standard commissions” average around 11% of premium. Sometimes we charge fees in lieu of commissions.

Hirshorn Boothby also receives “contingent commission” payments from some of the insurance carriers we represent in addition to the standard commission payments. These contingent commissions are based on various targets (e.g., profitability, retention, growth, total premium volume) set by the carriers. These arrangements are also termed “profit sharing” or “bonus” payments. Each carrier's plan is different, but these contingent commissions are all back-end payments and depend upon reaching that company’s pre-set objectives. The “contingent commissions” are not guaranteed, vary greatly from year to year, and are paid anywhere from 45 to 180 days after the end of a calendar year. They average around 1% of premium.

We receive various gifts, meals, prizes, and awards and other miscellaneous bonuses from carriers, and these represent less than 0.1% of premiums.

Finally, we do own stock in various businesses, including two insurance companies, AIG and Chubb. We feel this has no material affect on premiums paid by any client.

If you would like additional information about any of the compensation we will receive in connection with your policy or your account, please contact your agent here at Hirshorn Boothby.